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We have identified innovative, high quality products and services for EV Installers. Please see examples below and follow the links to the manufacturers and places to buy these.

Companies wishing to showcase their products on UK EV Installers,

UK EV Installers | Sync EV Logo

The future of compact car home charging.

Sync EV are a leading manufacturer of domestic electric vehicle chargers across the UK. Our Home Car charger is reliable, stylish, very competitively priced and covered by our 3 year manufacturer warranty.

As the majority of the charging of your car will likely be at home it is essential that you choose a company like ours who have the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out a safe and efficient installation.

The UK’s favourite home charger.

  • Smallest smart charger in the world
  • Charge current variable
  • 3G as optional extra, with wifi and ethernet as standard
  • RFID as standard
  • Dynamic load management
  • Scheduled start times
  • Smart grid enabled
  • Smart App
  • Type A RCD
  • 6ma Dc protection
  • PEN fault protection as standard

Here are some of the great partners that stock our products;

  • YESSS Electrical
  • Waxman Energy
  • Electric Centre
  • TLC
  • EVChargers.co.uk
  • Alert Electrical
  • BEW
  • CEF
  • Rexel
  • Alert Electrical
  • express electrical
  • Pec lights

For more Information please visit our website.

UK EV Installers | AUTEL Eurpope

Autel Intelligence has global offices including: New York, California, Munich, Venice, Dubai, Kanagawa, São Paulo, Shenzhen, Changsha, and Xi’an. 

The automotive intelligence field of the automotive aftermarket, the world’s TOP3; (2000 employees worldwide, 60% of R&D

Global layout, with high reputation in European and American markets, with overseas revenue accounting for 80%

The industry has broad prospects, and the company is growing rapidly, with a compound annual growth rate of 30%

A company listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board with a market value of over 30 billion

Follow the trend of intelligence, network connection, and new energy, and carry out forward-looking layout

Core business lines: core product lines such as automotive intelligent diagnosis, detection, and analysis systems, assisted driving, electronic components, and maintenance cloud platforms.

UK EV Installers | Doncaster Cables - EV Ultra

Doncaster Cables is the largest British owned general wiring manufacturer in the UK…

EV Installers | Featured Sponsor - EVEC - For Everyone

We’re affordable

We believe that everyone should have the power to make environmentally friendly decisions. So much so that we’ve made it our mission to remove the barrier to electric vehicle ownership by providing an affordable electric vehicle charging solution that doesn’t substitute performance. We challenge you to find an EV charger offering all the same features for cheaper!

We’re inclusive

We’re so passionate about inclusivity that we’ve made our tagline ‘for everyone’, we’re striving to be the go-to brand for entry-level and luxury vehicle drivers alike. As part of our efforts to make electric vehicle ownership more accessible, we accept most major discount schemes including the Blue Light Card.

We’ve got style

Maybe this is subjective, but we’ve put a lot of care into creating electric car chargers that look high-end without the eye-watering price tag. Our chargers are modern, slick and you’ll probably be surprised by just how small and discrete they are. Investing in an EV charger shouldn’t mean having to compromise on the look of your home!

EV Installers | Featured Sponsor - EVEC - For Everyone | Untethered Electric Car Charger
EV Installers | Featured Sponsor - EVEC - For Everyone | Untethered Electric Car Charger
EV Installers | Featured Sponsor - EVEC - For Everyone | Electric Car Charger
EV Installers | Featured Sponsor - EVEC - For Everyone | Electric Car Charger
UK EV Installers | EVEC - for everyone
UK EV Installers | Ascent Energy

Ascent Energy Services is a national renewable energy service company with vast experience covering all major forms of renewable energy technologies…

UK EV Installers | Test Instrument Solutions (TIS) Products

Test Instrument Solutions was founded in 2005. The company was formed to offer electricians, maintenance engineers and other end users a very competitive range of electrical testing equipment at the right price.

Using the founders combined 50 years’ experience within the market our products are distributed through electrical wholesalers in the UK and Ireland. This route to the market allows potential customers of our products to physically sample and see the units locally before purchase.

Further growth in the product range has followed in recent years, with Power Quality analysing equipment and Solar PV testing instrumentation being added.

Of significant importance in 2020 was the introduction of one of the most advanced and comprehensive testing & reporting systems for EVSE charging stations available on the market.

In 2009 a Calibration division was added, again aimed at offering the end-user an excellent service at the right price for any manufacturers equipment. The company quickly attained ISO9001 accreditation.

Now, apart from checking electrical parameters, TIC also has the capability to calibrate thermal imaging equipment, other environmental instruments, plus torque wrenches & screwdrivers plus much more.

Of particular success in this department have been Calibration Days at electrical wholesale outlets around the country, where meters are calibrated on-site and the certificate produced there and then at a specially discounted rate. Even torque screwdrivers can be issued with a certificate on site.

For customers with larger numbers of testers, we can visit their site directly, whilst using their electrical wholesaler account for the purpose of the transaction. This service has proved very popular due to the fact that downtime without instruments is cut to a minimum. Please see our Calibration page on this website.

EV Installers - TIS Products - MFTPRO-EV Testing Kit
EV Installers - TIS Products - TISMFTECOAngle
EV Installers - TIS Products - TISE247
UK EV Installers | Fuuse Logo

You do the hard work finding solutions for your customers.  Be rewarded as a Fuuse Installer Partner, with recurring revenue and intuitive features to help you get more from your EV charging business…

UK EV Installers | Sevadis Logo

Sevadis is the new name for SmartEV – a UK company with an established reputation in electric vehicle technology.

Since 2016 we have been developing, supplying and installing charging points for building projects, residential developments, businesses and individual customers.

As the move towards electric vehicles gathers pace, our engineers and EV experts are leading the transformation with bespoke charging systems, stylish user-friendly equipment and smart online payment software.

Here at Sevadis, we have a strong commitment to supporting the understanding of how electric vehicle charging works, supplying you with the very best products available, and making a big difference to the protection against climate change.

UK EV Installers | Sevadis Products
UK EV Installers | Sevadis Products
UK EV Installers | Sevadis Products
UK EV Installers | Waxman Energy Logo

An award-winning renewable energy wholesaler, Waxman Energy is one of the UKs largest distributors of PV modules, inverters, EV chargers and mounting systems…

UK EV Installers | Sheerspeed Shelters Logo

We have a selection of speed tents specifically designed to support with your Electric Car EV Charger Installation. Our tents provide a safe and waterproof working environment and allow for maximum NATURAL daylight to enter the tent, making it easy to work in and preventing operator fatigue when installing EV charging stations. 
Our tents can support the commercial or domestic installation of power cabinets and DC EV charge points – wall mounted, free standing or standing on a multi-level surface. 

Colour, height and material options are fully available for pop up work tents, tunnel tents and work umbrellas. If you would like to make an enquiry please contact us. 

UK EV Installers | Whitecliffe Electrical Distribution

Whitecliffe Electrical Distribution is a fresh new business established in 2019…

UK EV Installers | Project EV Products & Services

At Project EV, we specialise in providing only the most cutting edge electric vehicle charging points, connecting our customers with technology that breaks boundaries.

Our goal is to help people finally make the switch to clean and affordable energy by adopting smart charging for electric vehicles. With a wide range of floor and wall-mounted AC and DC electric car chargers, our technology provides you with the high energy output you need to keep your EV charged and running well.

Our electric vehicle charging points come with full electrical and temperature protection, compact design, smart apps, and they are all tested to European standards, with an OCPP v1.6 open chargepoint protocol.

UK EV Installers | Project EV Products & Services
UK EV Installers | Project EV Video
UK EV Installers | Project EV Video
UK EV Installers | Project EV Video
UK EV Installers | Replenishh

We are an industry-leading EV charging solution, providing a comprehensive range of services, products, training options, information and advice…

UK EV Installers | GoCharge - Tesida

Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, Indra offers the best smart charging products on the market using pioneering, patented technology.  With industry-leading reliability, Indra’s high-quality, high-performance EV smart chargers are easy to install and operate; and are already in use in thousands of home and commercial locations worldwide.  Its products are not only smart for customers but also deliver maximum results for the grid and minimum impact on the environment.

Indra was founded in 2013 on a mission to create the smartest way to power EVs (electric vehicles).  With its design, R&D, engineering and manufacturing operations based in Malvern, this British company has fast become a leading EV and smart energy technology business. It is creating tomorrow’s sustainable energy ecosystem today through the use of pioneering technology that integrates the car, the home and the grid.

Indra has designed a range of innovative EV chargers that offer more convenient, reliable, cheaper and sustainable EV charging capability. The company has also developed the first viable bi-directional V2G (vehicle to grid) charger which allows power to flow both ways, enabling users to control the flow of energy to where it’s most needed. This revolutionary technology means customers are able to access energy when needed and at its cheapest and most sustainable, and it also assists the grid in balancing energy load and demand.

By working with carefully selected professional installer networks, Indra’s high-quality, high-performance products are easy to install and operate; and are already in use in thousands of home and commercial locations worldwide.